„Zavázáni sociálnědemokratickým hodnotám“

2nd FES European Autumn Academy


(Re-) Designing Europe – Visions for a Democratic and more Equal Europe through Youth Empowerment, 19-25 September 2016, Berlin and Joachimsthal (Germany)

Call for Applications!

Application Deadline: August 1st, 2016

The European Union is drifting apart. Despite of an overall good economic situation, not all regions benefit from growth. In fact, many European countries, particularly those in the South, are in a vicious circle of debt, unemployment, and emigration. The resulting consequences are especially painful for the young generation, as they are often barred from accessing the labour market even with high levels of education. Against the backdrop of the precarious situation and disadvantages young people are facing in Europe today the FES European Autumn Academy will look at the following questions: How can we keep Europe together? What values do we stand for? And how can we overcome inequalities?

In a first step, emphasis will be put on disparities in the fields of education and employment. Secondly, we will investigate how inequalities affect democracy in Europe, taken into account the rise of populist parties and the increasing nationalism and racism across the EU Member States.

The FES Autumn Academy’s aim is to develop solutions from the perspective of young people through dialogue between practitioners, researchers and policy-makers.

Be part of the FES Autumn Academy ... find out more under http://www.fes.autumnacademy.org


The 2nd FES European Autumn Academy is designed for students of European Studies, Social and Political Sciences and Economics as well as young civil society actors.
Students of other disciplines are welcome to apply in case they show a special interest in the topic and program of the Autumn Academy.

Eligible applicants include students from the 28 EU Member States who are aged 18-30 and able to communicate professionally in English. Please submit your CV in English and fill in the application form at http://www.fes.autumnacademy.org/application-form

Any questions? Please contact:
Yvonne Lehmann
Forum Politik und Gesellschaft
Hiroshimastraße 17
10785 Berlin
Phone: 0049/ 30/ 269 35-7315



Call for Applications!
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